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Minister Crank's Biography

My name is Minister Dwight Crank. I was born in Detroit, Michigan, and raised single handedly by my mother, Deloris Cleveland. Proverb 22:6. I was educated in the DPS system, where lessons of pride and dignity were my biggest challenges, due to my dyslexia diagnosis. Psalms 34:17-20. As a child groing into a young man, I fought many battles of mockery and embarrassment to overcome the names that tarnished my soul. Through this all, my strength and determination has enabled me to earn my high school diploma. However, I lacked the reassurance needed to survive the life that I now had before me. I turned to the streets to solidify the man I thought I needed to be. Proverbs 3:5-6. I began to live the life of what was known to be a "Hustler", and it wasn't until an attempt on my life, I realized how important it was for me to share my story of survivle. 1 John 1:9.

Through my journey of confusion and disbelief, I fathered a child. I had no idea that this child would motivate my faith and belief that our Father knows exactly when, and where to execute our continued path. It was during this time that I had this preconceived notion that my purpose in life was to mentor and father, through ministry, young men with misguided and possibly distorted visions of their destiny.

I began to align my decision making with those things that were conducive to what I wanted to achieve as I walked the path of freedom. I was now free from the negativity that I welcomed and embraced most of my young adult life Psalms 37:23. Doors that held career goals I set began to open: Real Estate Investor, Property Managing, as well as a Security Police Officer for General Motors. My most accomplished goal was being ordained by Pastor Spencer T. Ellis (Citadel of Praise) in 2013.

Today, I have been released by God to inspire other men through my outreach ministry, Powerful Men of Destiny. My ultimate mission is to intercept the thoughts of of taking the road I mistakenly chose. It's my desire to show any man who has struggled to find his greatness in life how to tap into the true power of the Almighty to receive his own personal revelation based on God's Word. I have many great projects in place for this Ministry for the near future, including a Charter School for Powerful Men.

Come! Be a Man of Power!

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